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Interview Cancan Portraits du Paradis Latin

Hello everybody, I will try to translate in English my interview Cancan portrait from the Paradis Latin for my friends who do not speak French (please excuse my mistakes)

Q: Feet on the ground or head up? (2 meanings in this question feet on earth also means in French: to be serious and head in the air: to be stunned)

A: Feet on the ground most of the day and head in the air a few minutes a day

Q: Pinder or Tinder? (Funny question because the 2 names are close, the circus Pinder is a big French circus where I started my career and Tinder everyone knows! lol)😂

A: Both! No I'm kidding, no no Pinder without hesitation!

Q: Trapeze or Rope?

A: Both too, I need it, to go up to the trapeze I need the rope, here it is both!

Q: Your most beautiful memory at the Paradis Latin?

A: My first time! It was ... awesome, moving, scary, it was the first time I had been working above the public in all my career! My first time yes!

Q: Your favorite figure during your act?

A: When i climb on the rope

Q: The Paradis Latin in 3 words?

A: Ah! Ah! Conviviality, Madness, Proximity

Q: Your favorite song?

A: For sure Barbra Streisand, I'm a big fan! There are plenty that I like! Somewhere from West Side Story maybe!

Q: Your first time on the trapeze:

A: My first time on the trapeze, it was at the Tinder circus 😂, oh sorry, I made a mistake! lol, no it was the circus Pinder and it was an incredible moment, it was the culmination of my passion, it was moving, it was ... I do not find other superlatives, it was amazing! !!

Q: Your funniest anecdote at the Paradis latin?

A: Oh, my funniest anecdote, there were lots of funny stories, but the one that's really funny for me, I do not know if it made people laugh but it made me laugh a lot, It was just as I was coming back to start my trapeze act, I hit a waiter, he spilled wine on my white costume, I ended up with wine stains, smelling wine and so I imagined what people could think by saying, "We have an alcoholic trapeze artist" Lol

Q: With or without hands?

A: Oh with! it is essential for a trapeze artist, in addition my name is Memin so I have no choice! (In french « Mains » (Hands) and my second name « Memin » sounds the same! (My hands= Memin)

Q: Your craziest dream? A: Oh, my craziest dream! I have lots of dreams! I am a sweet dreamer! Maybe creating a show, one day! Maybe at the Paradis Latin who knows?

Q: Your last word?

A: Well, come to visit us at the Paradis Latin! It's a monument, a great show, we're here to make you happy, we try to give our best to dazzle you! There you go! Come see us!!! 😀

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